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Twilight MMO...?!

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Twilight MMO...?!

Post by Satsujinki on Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:29 pm

Because absolutely no license goes unturned these days, we've gotten word that there will, indeed, be a Twilight MMO.

Details are pretty sketchy right now on what exactly this whole experience will entail. It will be a virtual world where you get to play as either a human, vampire, or werewolf -- that much is pretty known. The game will also be an open, non-linear world set around the town of Forks, Washington, that will let the player roam freely.

Of note is the functionality of the game's journal, which is said to work not only like a novel, but also as a way to teleport back and forth through time to experience the events written inside of it.

The game is still early in-development, so we'll keep an eye on it for you as more information is released. Now where's our Harry Potter MMO, hmmm? We want a wizarding war!

[Via Twilight Source]

Source: Click Here

Here's the article via Twilight Source...

Ever wish you can be Bella or Edward? Soon that will be a possibility… well at least virtually. BrainJunk Studios is developing a massive multiplayer online role playing game based on Twilight.

Brandon Gardener, head of the software development for the project recently spoke to the Examiner. He describes the game as:

an open non-linear world set around Forks. I like the idea of letting players explore the world, and discover new amazing things that are not even covered in the book or the movie…

Mr. Gardener based the story line around Twilight and Midnight Sun so players can play from Edward or Bella’s perspective. He also wants to include New Moon so players can experience phasing into a werewolf.

The game is still in development and is not ready for purchase or download. We will update when new information becomes available.

Source: Click Here

......You have got to be shitting me....

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Re: Twilight MMO...?!

Post by Alala Kuran on Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:03 pm

White Len : ...........it's eccentric, but at least they're trying something, lol.


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Re: Twilight MMO...?!

Post by [Psycho_Soldier] on Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:38 pm

*Dropped his popcorn*

Oh hell no....


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Re: Twilight MMO...?!

Post by Sponsored content

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