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Temporary(?) notice of team order shift

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Temporary(?) notice of team order shift

Post by Arala Cran on Wed May 24, 2017 11:54 pm

Due to some events going on, I've ended up elected as the next empress of team Midnight Blue since mid-February, this has been approved by the fonder leaders themselves: Maizono Karin/Mitsuki Dawn, Beni/Kenjutsu, and Little*Snow personally.

In blunt, this caused:
-I'm now currently the new queen of Midnight Blue, (Unless one of the three founders wish to take the station back)
-team EVAC-Corps has been disbanded,
-3rd protagonist Casper is back into another EN team once more

So there's the announcement.In a nutshell as above, I've added why below as a spoiler as I know nobody wants to read who's still here.

big list as of what and why:
This was direct contact, so well... I'm now officially Queen of the Rig until either of the three wish to take the top of the rig back. In that notice, my other planned team: EVAC-Corps Inc. has been disbanded and aborted as there's no point in me making another with my current....... "status" ..... and let alone as current empress anyway so it wouldn't make sense. I also decided to send Casper back to Burning Rangers..... were it provided that:

1-THERE IS NO MORE BS talk behind my back under any circumstances even secretly (I despise hidden deception and conspiracy under every way!)

2-THERE IS NO MORE BS ABOUT AUTOWORDS (freaking seriously, that's part of the game, just like a certain something else recently added which ruins the game but is sadly officially part of it now and not ever going away, there's no reason to freaking whine about it. Let alone AW's and cut-ins are far less offensive than other said content that was added.)

If you wish a history lesson....
this is some history:
Original fonder of Midnight Blue is Mitsuki Dawn or Maizono Karin (before her data was hacked and renamed: "Kyo Ji-Woo",
Second and long reign leader and honorable emperor of Midnight Blue is Beni (and here: AKA - Kenjutsu),
The third elite member is Little*Snow, stern but fair,
The fourth who was in the team before I had alert of it was Bloo (sadly I can't remember his full name on the tab as he left to another game for the time quite a while back ago...),
....and so having been rather sharp with the main three fonders for a while even through hell when I was absolutely inferior and helpless, alone.... they known me well and so I guess it was an obvious choice they picked me as next for the time until they decide to take back things.

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Arala Cran
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Team Name Change for Midnight Blue

Post by Alala Kuran on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:08 pm

A temporary name change has been done now for the team Midnight Blue.
I renamed it as of now: 式神 部隊 MK二 (AKA: Shikigami Forces MK-II) without english text at this time around; however, as a reminder the team is still Midnight Blue. I won't issue a new icon or anything major as of yet. There is a personal reason as of why I decided to change the name of the team for now. This is due to:
-Need to use a different name than english for now (but again as said, it will be reverted if requested, especially if ordered by the three fonders of the team: Maizono Karin, Beni/Kenjutsu, or Little*Snow)
-Due to past infamy, a name change would make sense... I won't explain what or why. Nothing too major but it kind of bothers me so therefore it was done for now.
-As for being on a JP game, it makes sense to have a more JP named team around. It may make things easier to attract more of the native Japanese players instead of the more pompous english westerners, and more difficult to accidentally draw the wrong attention of those especially who enjoy causing havoc.

It's easier to announce it here and in my discord channel since less troublemakers are around these spots.

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