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pesky brats around the house for now

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pesky brats around the house for now

Post by Ivis on Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:40 am

for some time, there are a few pesky brats around the house and I have a bad feeling some abnormalities will happen because they've been prone to messing with my sister's PC and PS4 lately.... I do hope they didn't do something in her absence.........

I got through chewing one out but only to take something thrown at me like a teacher at school, ouch. Please do let me know if something weird happened....... *Facepalm!*

Even worse is it will be a while before they go away. Ugh.

I pray for your death to take you soon and painfully,
you disgust me! Curse be on you...

SCREW YOU, Maladjusted freaks!
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Re: pesky brats around the house for now

Post by SpoiledBrat on Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:39 pm

what? is there a problem? Laughing
Yes I am ish one of the brats she speaks of! Put up with it! I joined the forum too!

*1 day later edit:
oh yeah also personal complaint to the admin.

Could you like do something with those "friend" messages? it's actually annoying to see when I'm playing something, like, disable 'em or something? Suspect

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