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Moderator Purge Check

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Moderator Purge Check

Post by Ivis on Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:41 pm

Due to some personal alerts from people and also noticing inactivity through several higher-ups lately for over the past few years, I will be doing a moderator purge check.

Current Staff: Don't worry, this will only take effect on several inactive users to prevent another incident.

Those who are affected and bewildered: If there are any objections as for later just contact the main administrator herself to be re-enlisted. If you do request to be re-enlisted again however, please do make sure to be active this time if at least once a week to keep your status. This does not include external sources such as steam chat or such which each have nothing to do with Heavenly Solace.

In short:
If you're not active and you were a moderator, you will be affected = Demotion.

The highest chance of a person being demoted calls for:
-inactive for over several weeks (70% demotion risk chance) or up to over several months (95% demotion risk chance) from unknown means,
-found on external sources and not active in the forum (35% chance risk demotion)
proving that the individuals are not interested and have gone elsewhere instead,
-combination of inactive + found on other source = severely not interested and unaffected by problems, therefore not suitable to hold moderator status.

Why do a demotion:
-several complaints which worried some members before are because there are too many people holding "Moderator" over their heads,
-such inactive accounts are easy targets for unfriendly people to attack and use as a drone to do damage (has happened before, and not just here),
-if the individual isn't interested in checking back at least once a week, why should they be called a "moderator" in the first place? They simply do not care and don't want it.

If you are unhappy about this, just become active (and not the simple "only after notice" tactic which I have observed several people taking advantage of using lately) and you'll prove that you can take your rank back.

Some people will not be affected for special reasons.
The following names will not be targeted of this check under any means, despite not being 100% active:
Jade Curtis / Omega Ramirez,

Thank you for your attention.

I pray for your death to take you soon and painfully,
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