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Online abstanance for Serious Mode

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Online abstanance for Serious Mode

Post by Alala Kuran on Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:28 pm

Please bare with me doing like my sister and best friends in the same living area as I am for a while longer. I've been in major hell as of lately and you all know well; however, regardless, it seems that the rates of me falling under par of this semester's loop is highly unlikely possible now. It's yet another reason as of why I've yet to be seen around lately in addition to all previous troubles mentioned before in tow, but I'm getting off my behind with that college junk and even if I have to take it one slow step at a time to get through with that feat, I've found out what I've got to deal with on it, and so I'm going "Serious mode" on it, so expect very short bursts as usual, or more likely it becoming less since nearing my finals...

Surprisingly even though it seems every near-exam day is when I take the worst chaos as if something is planning to stop me as usual and almost does, it fails as My lowest was a 75.3% while my average to highest is 88.9% of 100% so I believe this is one of those moments in which I stepped in, hit it fast and hard even if sloppy, but will step back out never having to look back at it ever again. I will admit that around this point I've got major confidence that my grade for this semester will actually be above a "C+" Smile

The assignments are a pushover, the tests are a bit challenging but it's as I said as of why. All regular work is 100% and nothing lower, my mid-course project for class was 97% so I'm quite confident.


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Re: Online abstanance for Serious Mode

Post by Ivis on Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:27 am

Well that time starts today. From where your standings are, there's hardly a chance to fail. I'm expecting some results when you're done with it today.

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